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Carolina Sands Homeowners Association 926 Riptide Lane
Carolina Beach NC 28428


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Board Members:

Dori Schoonmaker, President, healingcycles@gmail.com, 910-707-0284
Tom Coit, Treasurer, tomcoit@aol.com, 910-458-1521
Philip Roth, Vice President, rothpf56@gmail.com, 850-556-4540
Lynn Barbee, 2nd Vice President, lbarbee @alumni.virginia.edu, 919-395-6114
Peggy Astraikis, Secretary, peggyastraikis8@gmail.com, 910-458-6939

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Realtors, see reference page for important information.

Architectural Review Committee:

Artemenko, Sofia, sofia.roger@gmail.com, 910-221-1510
Meyer, Bill, bmeyer909@gmail.com, 910-471-3792
Palumbo, Steven, smpalumb@gmail.com, 919-602-4175
Tomicki, David, dtomicki@gmail.com, 770-331-1219
White, Art, ajacores@gmail.com, 484-560-1053
Wilson, Kilon, kilonw@gmail.com, 910-368-7289

Planning Committee:

Meyer, Bill, bmeyer909@gmail.com, 910-471-3792
Palumbo, Steven, smpalumb@gmail.com, 919-602-4175
Sommers, Bob, jsommers28@yahoo.com, 910-458-8518
Tomicki, David, dtomicki@gmail.com, 770-331-1219

Social Committee:

Bernstein, Beth, honeylakegoldens@gmail.com, 919-630-6191
Gurganous, Rebecca, rebeccawg1975@gmail.com, 910-389-9450
Jones, Jullena, jonesjullena@msn.com, 910-636-3420
Dunn, Cindy, maxfli70@suddenlink.net, 252-531-9231
Roth, Landee, rothp156@gmail.com, 850-556-4540
Stewart, Ron & Elaine, elaines_island@yahoo.com, 910-458-7490