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Carolina Sands Owners Association
926 Riptide Lane
Carolina Beach NC 28428


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  • Annual Dues: $300 Download Dues Invoice
  • Due Date: March 15
  • Late Payments
    Annual Homeowner’s Dues received after March 15 will be subject to a $20.00 per month late payment penalty for each lot in arrears, per the N. C. Planned Community Act. This penalty will accrue monthly until payment is received in full. Liens will be filed against all properties remaining delinquent after July 15. Owners will also be assessed a handling fee of $25.00 along with a $6.00 filing fee for all liens filed.
  • Transfer Fee
    There is a $25 transfer fee to be paid to CSHA whenever a lot is sold in Carolina Sands. This is collected at closing, and should appear on closing statements. The fee covers costs the CSHA expenses associated with database entry, address changes and keys issued.
  • Pool and Tennis Court Keys
    For keys (pool/tennis court) information or to report a lost key, please email the key administrator at
    Upon purchase of property, one FOB for the clubhouse and one regular key for the tennis court will be issued. A second key for the tennis court may be purchased at a charge of $5.00. There is a limit of two of these keys per lot. Only one FOB will be issued per property.
    To replace a lost FOB or key, there is a $25.00 fee. Original FOB will be deactivated when lost. 
    Under no circumstances will FOB or key be issued to tenants. The tenant must contact the homeowner or property manager to obtain them. Homeowner or property manager is responsible for FOB and key issued to tenant and must have them returned to them at the end of the property lease. 
  • Mailbox Keys - Mailbox keys are handled by the USPS. Keys are acquired from the Carolina Beach Post Office. The HOA does not have keys to mailboxes.


Reference Documents


  • New Builds and/or Architectural changes require prior approval. Submit the Architectural Approval Form to any board member or member of the architectual committee.

  • Clubhouse Reservations
    The clubhouse may be reserved by residents for private functions during the off season (when the pool is closed, usually Oct 15 - April 15). No reservations can be accepted during pool season because restroom/clubhouse access may not be denied to pool users. Use the reservation form (pdf) to reserve the clubhouse. This form and a damage deposit check for $75.00 must be left with a Board member prior to the event. Upon inspection of the property after the event, and proper clean-up by the user, the check will be returned to the resident.  No food is to be left in the clubhouse.

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  • Mailing Address: CSOA, 926 Riptide Lane, Carolina Sands, NC 28428
  • Number of lots: 262